C-nario Suite

What Is C-nario Messenger™ Digital Signage Software

C-nario Messenger™ is a complete digital signage display, distribution and management platform for informational, educational and commercial messaging. 

C-nario Messenger™ constitutes a full end-to-end digital signage software solution, creating an industry first all-in-one digital signage content management platform.

C-nario Messenger™ enables creation, management, monitoring and control of digital signage networks through easy-to-follow steps that provide low total cost of ownership.

Why C-nario Messenger™ Digital Signage Software ?

  • Better-than-broadcast quality playback in any shape,size and screen resolution
  • Content creation tools, including real time composition
  • Innovative tools for easy layout creation and management of digital signage displays
  • Multi-scheduling methods
  • Database solutions and workflows that reduce costs
  • Robust content distribution that saves operation time and costs
  • Open architecture with smart plug-ins that provides a seamless integration  of C-nario's digital signage software with all external systems,dynamic data feeds and interactive sources.
  • Bi-directional communication for higher control and monitoring
  • Extensive web-based tools

Highest Quality Playback

Smooth, pixel-perfect playback quality including full support for HD, multi-zone, multi-layer and multi-display in any shape,resolution and size with pixel-perfect quality.

Digital Signage Content Creation

Creation of layouts has never been easier! Create dynamic layouts using a simple drag and drop interface. C-nario Messenger™ provides a variety of tools for content creation and management including real time content composition from a variety of sources. For example (RSS,Web feeds,Database, SMS, live broadcasts and interactive sources) integrated into one unified layout on a pre-defined graphic template.


C-nario’s Messenger™ provides several scheduling methods that have been tailor- made to fit your digital signage needs:loop-based, rule-based, sales-driven, and more.

Network Distribution and Display

  • Provides easy network distribution. Content can be multi-casted to multiple locations with minimal time and cost
  • Provides a unique method to communicate with players using a portable device when there are no standard communication methods available,
  • Provides a smart, optimized and scalable solution that enables you to select  the preferred network distribution to fit your specific needs and bandwidth limitations
  • Plug-in technology

Control, Monitoring and Reporting

Across-the-board control, monitoring and real-time reporting, live snapshots, alerts and auto-recovery keeps you in control wherever you are of all your digital signage activities all the time.

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